Red-Naped Sapsucker at El Polin - Nope

Richard Bradus

Well, another miss for me at El Polin.

At least three observers in the area from ~10:50am to 12:30pm did not have any luck seeing the Red-naped that David reported.

While there were no sapsuckers, there were other rewards: at least seven Flickers (all red-shafted), a pair of Downy Woodpeckers and a very smartly plumaged Orange-crowned Warbler plus many of the regulars, including some brief singing from Fox Sparrows. Also a squeaky call that I could never identify (a wren doing a bad vireo imitation?) and a chorus frog.

Around noon the raptor show started (migrant Red-tails mostly). Not long after I spotted a large Cooper's Hawk soaring distantly to the north we were startled as it (or another) zeroed-in from the east and dive-bombed on a flicker atop one of the trees near the spring; the flicker escaped (with a squeal and missing a couple of feathers) and, as the Coop flew about, another flew in and gave rapid chase to the first! A bit of aerial sparring, then both were gone.

A nice burst of excitement to cap this beautiful sunny, warm day.

Cheers to all!
Richard Bradus
San Francisco

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