Battery Godfrey Jackpot

Brian Fitch

Some newer birders saw multiple city lifers today, while several of us older folk had some great city year birds, all over many hours of watching from the battery, and amazingly almost all spotted by Eli Gross.  He noted that they would all have been sighted eventually by someone else, but today he was the finder extraordinair.

Highlights included a female Gadwall tucked in with scoters, two Canvasbacks (not sure who spotted those), a single White-faced Ibis flying east over the Golden Gate channel, two Broad-winged Hawks, a very close Short-eared Owl that appeared along the bluff, circled and finally flew off to the SE, another Short-eared that was kettling over Marin and then flew west toward Pt Bonita without crossing while visible, and a Tropical Kingbird that landed in front of us in the big cypress.  Hugh got us on a Golden Eagle that soared over the headlands for a while, but teasingly stayed in Marin.

A hot but really good day, with possibly the biggest crew I've ever seen on the battery.  There may be more to report later, as I left from pure exhaustion, while Joachim, Max and Eli were still watching.

Brian Fitch