Rock Wren Simonds Loop

Logan Kahle

Hi All,

Just a brief note that a Rock Wren has been present on Simonds Loop since 9/29. The bird was first heard on that day by Eric Heisey and later by myself. We relocated it this morning and were able to get visuals. It is pretty hard to see at times given how exposed the habitat it is, seeming to spend most of its time on rooftops picking through shingles for invertebrates. We saw it on the 513 and 512 duplexes. It would call infrequently and erratically. The bird can most easily be seen from the roads so please don’t poke around in the back yards if you try for it.

Eric had a good wave of other migrants this morning—mockingbird, say’s phoebe, bh grosbeak, and bt gray warbler among them. Still plenty to be found!