Mount Davidson 9/26

Adam Winer

Highlight of this morning at Mount Davidson was a single young Lawrence's Goldfinch that flew in calling from the east.  It landed high in eucs near the summit, allowing some very distant views before it took off to the southeast, disappearing out of sight.

The other surprise was a Merlin that bombed low down the gully headed north.

Everything else was more common migrants (and not that many);  Ruby-crowned Kinglets and Cedar Waxwings are in to complete the wintering birds.  Also on the mountain, multiple House Wrens, Western Tanagers, a Say's Phoebe, a Pine Siskin (just one!), Warbling Vireo, and Purple Finch.

Golden Gate Heights Park had another House Wren and a Red-breasted Nuthatch.

-- Adam Winer
   SF, CA