Sutro Baths

Brian Fitch

I haven't reported in a while, partly for the obvious reason of limited birding, and partly because I've found nothing newsworthy when I did get out.

Today was heading in the same direction until I was joined by Max B at Sutro, and we simultaneously spotted a Northern Fulmar not too far off shore.  Jonah joined us a little later, and immediately called out a kittiwake flying right below us, heading south.  Before I left, he picked up another two, one of which flew nearly over our position, the closest encounter I've ever had with Black-leggeds.  Several other fulmars continued to course around as well.

Last Friday, the lucky 13th, I was with another friend at Sutro when a young Gray Whale surfaced extremely close to the terrace.  It spent several minutes adjacent to the closest rocks before heading out into the Gate.

Brian Fitch