Presidio this am

Josiah Clark

Some birds and breeding behaviors of local note this morning during an hour and a half of riding around by Bike tallying 68 species.
Red crossbills- 2 encounters, singing bird at el polin and flyovers by ft scott
Snowy plover-6 continuing at Crissy field waterbird protection area 
Greater scaup-a crisp male arrived at Crissy field. None were present here for the Xmas count. 
Orange crowned warbler-1 lutescens seen in willows at mountain lake (A bit surprised not to hear them singing by this time)
Cooper’s hawk- calling in the yard at dawn
Bewick’s Wren-One at El Polin. This species is increasingly reliable here, which is a new thing. They used to be confined to only the western parts of the presidio.

Great blue heron-Two occupied nests in the eucs above the Crissy field center. I think last year there were five by this time so hopefully someone finds them nearby. 

Black-crowned night heron-12 roosting at mountain lake. Interestingly there is often a pulse of them around now. This is more than I’ve seen there all year.

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