Alta Plaza B&W Still There

Richard Bradus

Hi all

I took a coffee break after some chores this afternoon and sat at the east side of Alta Plaza Park. Deciding to check out the small trees after hearing some chatter from the White-crowns and a calling Phoebe, I was rewarded with another appearance of the apparently over-wintering Black-and-White Warbler, after not seeing it for a couple of months. It popped out behind a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, gleaning almost as frenetically but also sometimes working nuthatch-like along the smaller branches. Even without binoculars the markings were easily seen as I was able to get quite close - the bird didn't seem too concerned with my presence but was more wary of the White-crowns chasing it about at times. It now seems to be preferring the east side of the park (unlike when I fist saw it last fall, always in the west side trees) should anyone tire of the Skimmers and Sapsuckers and want to visit this otherwise usually unexciting park.

Richard Bradus
San Francisco