Zonotrichia Hybrid Fort Scott 1/17

Logan Kahle

Hi All,

Bounced around a couple spots in the Presidio on Friday morning. The highlight was a hybrid Zonotrichia at Fort Scott at the north end of the Ball Fields opposite the Log Cabin. It was foraging on and around Storey ave, working from the north side of the road to the Ball Fields.

One of the parents is clearly a Golden-crowned Sparrow, but I'm still not sure if the other one is a White-throated or a White-crowned. I'm leaning towards the former, but could well be wrong. Any insights (especially for people with field experience with these hybrids) would be greatly appreciated.

In size and structure, the bird appeared like a typical Golden-crowned. The malar markings seemed stronger than Golden-crowned, the body was grayer overall. The bird's crown was gold in front with bright white towards the rear, and with distinctly yellow lores. The supercillium was quite broad. The bill was dark.

A few marginal doc shots are here:
A few better shots by Jonah from later in the day are here:

Good birding,