Intro to Xmas count trip tomorrow Crissy Field and Geary st tree search

Josiah Clark

For anyone who is not signed up but curious about Christmas Bird Counts, there will be a short introductory field trip from 8:30 to 10:30 tomorrow at Crissy Field with a special effort to look for the red-footed booby and snowy plovers.  
We will meet at the east most side of the airfield where it meets the lagoon across from the sports basement at 830am.
   In other news I put in a thorough look for a reported black-throated grey Warbler in the street trees on Geary by the House of bagels. 
No luck with the target but did encounter three species of warbler, Hutton’s Vireo and Lincoln’s sparrow while birding park presidio Boulevard around Geary st.
Along with Brian’s Blackburnian, a good reminder that Street trees and neighborhoods are definitely worth checking tomorrow on the counter if you have the people for it.
   Happy holidays and happy counting tomorrow!

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