Bernal Heights Northern Goshawk.


Hi Birders,
      Took a while to process this, but I saw an adult Northern Goshawk from Alemany Farm at St Mary’s Park today c 12:50 PM. It glided N, fairly low, across highway 280 just E of the farm towards Bernal. Field marks were a large accipiter with a stunning broad white eyestripe, steel-blue (or was it steel-grey?) back and a long folded tail. Looking later at recent ebird sightings, I luckily found that Rajan Rao had already reported a large accipiter at St. Mary’s earlier this morning which then emboldened me to make this otherwise preposterous report. However, I don’t know how anyone could possibly chase this. St. Mary’s Park attracts a lot of birds, including scorned alien oddities like Scaly-breasted Munia. Thanks Rajan for your ebird report!
Russ Bright