botanical garden GC Kinglets


Hey Folks,

Not as exciting as other reports from today, but FYI, I saw a 3-5 Golden Crowned Kinglets in the botanical garden this morning.

A Ruby Crowned, crown flashing, chased a couple out of the warbler tree where they had been hanging out. They were flitting between that tree and nearby tall trees (e.g across to the redwood grove) in ones and twos.

Also present in the garden, tons of Ruby-Crowned Kinglets, a few Townsends warblers, and of course our Yellow Rumps. If the Nashville was still there, I missed it.

PSA: They close at 5 now, and will start closing at 4:00 in a few days.

A worker there suggested if we want it to stay open later in the winter - at least until dusk - we should fill out a feedback form, available at the entrance. They wouldn't mind the extra hours, apparently.

Happy birding!