Battery Godfrey; 10/28

Brian Fitch

It was a much quieter and smokier morning at BG, spent with Kevin most of the time and Dom for a while.  The highlight for Kevin and I was a Rough-legged Hawk flying north pretty early.  It was likely the second darker bird seen yesterday, the one that hung around BG and Ft Scott for some time.  Just a few moments after I stopped tracking today's first R-leg, a very similar looking Rough-legged also started crossing north, so I tracked this one well out toward Marin to make sure it didn't pull a U-turn.  We couldn't tell if there were two or if the first circled back behind us for a second attempt to cross.

Not long before we left at midday, Kevin spotted a Ferruginous Hawk over Marin, but that bird didn't cross while we were watching.  There was also a nice push of Red-taileds between 11 & 12, maybe 25 or so. 

Other highlights included 3 apparent Hooded Mergansers heading east before the sun gave enough light to see their markings, but the silhouette looked good, a few more Cackling Geese, and Red Crossbills of both local and non-local types.

Brian Fitch