Local Interest Fort Mason - Orioles and Hybrids - today's GGAS walk and yesterday's Rail

David Assmann

We had 59 bird species on today's GGAS walk.  The male ORCHARD ORIOLE was in the garden preening and sat still for us for a number of minutes - his plumage is rapidly changing. We had a second ORCHARD ORIOLE, a female, on the hillside above Aquatic Park. We had repeated sightings of RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKERS, with the very first sighting of the day in the garden being a RED-NAPED X RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKER. The Intergrade NORTHERN FLICKER (Yellow-Shafted X Red-Shafted) sat at the top of a pine tree above Aquatic Park.  We had at least two GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLETS, a RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH, and a SAVANNAH SPARROW. Two NORTHERN HARRIERS flew over the garden near the end of the walk, and a WESTERN MEADOWLARK landed on a rooftop. The WANDERING TATTLER was on a rock west of the abandoned pier.  Yesterday the Tattler walked under the pier and when I went over to the other side, a RIDGWAY'S RAIL was foraging less than ten feet away from the Tattler.  The rail was not there today.