Mount Davidson this week

Adam Winer

I've gotten up Mount Davidson a few times this week, and found it generally busy and active with common western migrants, albeit without any rarities.  

Some of the more interesting birds have included:
- Hermit Warbler - one on Tuesday
- Black-throated Gray Warbler - two on Friday
- Yellow-rumped (Audubon's) Warbler - one on Thursday
- Osprey - one flyover headed southeast on Friday
- Ruby-crowned Kinglet - a first for the fall Friday
- Swainson's Thrush - one on Tuesday

Western Tanagers have been abundant - at least 20 today, likely more.  Seemed to be groups of 4 or 5 everywhere I looked.  Red-breasted Nuthatches have been easily detected - there's clearly a few on the mountain, and Dominik Mosur reported seeing groups of 4.  There's also at least three House Wrens.

Among the more regular birds, Fox and Golden-crowned Sparrows have decidedly arrived, with some early in the week and many now.  Hermit Thrushes have arrived too, with two seen today.  Pine Siskins have also been around, with a group of ~4 seen today.

Adam Winer