Local Interest Last 2 Days

David Assmann

Yesterday's brief bout of rain didn't bring in any new birds to Fort Mason, and some of the previously seen birds were not around. 8 YELLOW WARBLERS, 4 WESTERN TANAGERS, 1 TOWNSEND'S WARBLER, 1 HOUSE WREN and 1 COMMON YELLOWTHROAT were the only migrants seen. Today was definitely better, with 6 species of warbler - 1 WILSON'S WARBLER, 4 TOWNSEND'S WARBLERS, 1 YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER, 12+ YELLOW WARBLERS, 1 NASHVILLE WARBLER and 1 ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER,  There were WESTERN TANAGERS everywhere (a minimum of 16). Other migrants included a HOODED ORIOLE, 1 RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH, 1 WARBLING VIREO, 1 HOUSE WREN, and 1 PACIFIC-SLOPE FLYCATCHER. A very brief visit to El Polin Spring resulted in sighting 4 flycatcher species on the hillside above the spring from the steps - two WILLOW FLYCATCHERS, 2 PACIFIC SLOPE FLYCATCHERS, 1 WESTERN WOOD PEWEE and 1 BLACK PHOEBE.