Parasitics & More at Sutro

Brian Fitch

I have no idea how many Parasitic Jaegers were pirating off of the Baths today, but they were in every seaward direction throughout a three hour watch, and at one point a very unlucky Elegant Tern had six of them swarming it at once, with a Heermann's tagging along for good measure.  Only two dark morphs were around.

Species variety was finally higher than in recent weeks, with my first Surf Scoter in several months, an alternate plumaged Pacific Loon, a small flock of only 800 or so Sooty Shearwaters, and an early Bonaparte's Gull.  There were two Wandering Tattlers on the beach before the canines invaded, and the only cetaceans were four Bottlenosed Dolphins, with one showing off its fluke-waving ability.

North Lake in GG Park had a few common migrants, but the highlight was watching a Red-shouldered Hawk take a mouse from an alder branch and then get chased by one of the juvie Cooper's that have been screaming around the lake for some time now.

Brian Fitch