The Week at Strawberry Hill/Stow Lake

Ken Moy

Spent the week of 8/26 birding SHill and SLake beginning at 7:15am and ending anytime between 10 and 11:30am. Birded this afternoon (8/30) 3-4pm. Migrant activity as follows.

All mornings sighted flocks comprised of 2-4 townsend's warblers, 1-2 yellow warblers, 1-2 wilson's warblers, 1-3 warbling vireos, 1-4 western/pac slope flycatches and an assortment of pygmy nuthatches and/or chestnut backed chickadees. 2-5 orange crowned warblers joined the flocks 8/26-8/29 and hutton's vireos joined 8/27-8/29. Flocks appeared multiple times at the top of the hill, at the reservoir level, the wooden bridge at the top of the falls and area upslope from the pavillion.

In addition:
8/28, Cassin's vireo at SLake level just right of the steps opposite the concrete bridge.
8/29, 2 hermit warblers (HY male and HY) upslope of the pavillion
8/30, 1 hermit warbler (HY) upslope of the pavillion and 1 black throated gray warbler (f) and 1 red-breasted nuthatch on the reservoir trail near the picnic table in the morning and 2 hermit warblers (HY male and HY) and 1 black throated gay warbler (f) 10 yards right of the steps opposite concrete bridge in the afternoon.
Missed out on the MacGillivray's.

On a non-migrant note, a female belted kingfisher was hanging out on the snags surrounding the island where the great blue heron nests early (7:15am) on 8/30. Last year, a female kingfisher spent over a month hanging out in this area in the early morning.

Good birding!

Ken Moy