HMB pelagic report - Another Awesome Day!

Alvaro Jaramillo

Hey all,

   A quick report of our San Mateo county pelagic trip today, as I need to rest up before Bodega tomorrow. Fun! Was the word of the day, birds all day, and some good ones. A different Laysan Albatross from the one we saw last week was a nice surprise. We found storm petrel flocks! Not quite a thousand birds, but close. Ashy, Black and Fork-tailed. We found several Scripps’s Murrelets. Four species of shearwater, including Buller’s and a Short-tailed spotted by Steve Howell. Lots of Arctic Terns, and all three jaegers as well as numerous Sabine’s gulls. As has been the norm, Marbled Murrelet on the way out. Red Phalaropes have arrived, and two different Tufted Puffins were a bonus. Such a great day out, but then you add in the mammals and it was a stunner. Killer Whales! About ten miles offshore from Half Moon Bay, as well as lots and close views of Humpback Whales, Pacific White-sided Dolphin, several views of Steller’s Sea Lions. Then there were two shark species, a couple of Blue Shark, and a larger and fat dark brown shark that we are currently identifying as Salmon Shark.

   There was so much out there that I am surely missing something.

SF BIRDERS – The San Francisco pelagic is next week. It is HOT out there, and I am sure that in the Pioneer Canyon we can find some storm petrels, and hopefully some murrelets. It is during the height of the tern, jaeger, Sabine’s migration and given the luck we have had with Laysan, maybe it is just a great year for them out there. Come and check it out! You can book online here:

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Alvaro Jaramillo