GGAS Field Trip: McLaren Park

Daniel Scali

Hi birders!

27 fabulous birding enthusiasts joined me this morning to take a crack at McLaren during this post-breeding/early Fall migration period. We began with 2 resident raptor species (Red  -Tail and -Shoulder) sitting calmly in some trees and soon found ourselves enmeshed in a flurry of year round residents and there dispersing counterparts — tons of Cal Towhees and Dark-eyed Juncos with some White-crowned Sparrows and American Robins in the mix. Migrant highlights were a Yellow Warbler, Warbling Vireo, Pacific-slope Flycatcher, and a bunch of Hooded Orioles and a Western Tanager (the latter 2 species were seen by 8 of us who did an addendum walk down to Vis Valley Middle School). A female Northern Harrier was the other very exciting bird seen during the bonus walk, gliding low on top of a nearby ridge. The bird that stole the show overall was a Great-Horned Owl we flushed from its perch in some conifers above the willow/elderberry creek just above the Jerry Garcia Amphitheatre. With great team work most if not all of us were able to refind our camouflaged carnivore friend and get decent looks to boot.

Dan Scali