Some interesting activity at Presidio Hills

Richard Bradus

Hi all

Taking advantage of this continuing nice August weather, I spent the late morning wandering about the Presidio Hills. Bird activity was a bit hit-or-miss, but a number of interesting smaller birds popped up in the central scrub. I finally got to see a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher here, along with a few migrant flycatchers (Western, Willow) and what I presume was an immature male Yellowthroat whose extensive yellow underparts and hint of yellow spectacles had me thinking ever so briefly that it could have been an Oporornis (Kentucky) Warbler.

Most exciting was the interplay between a number of resident and fly-over hawks, including a juv. Coop harassing, chasing and seemingly attacking a Red-shouldered, eventually driving it down into the trees to the north. I included a few photos of the action on my eBird report:

It may be August but the weather and early migrant activity sure make it seem like September. Have some fun out there!

Richard Bradus
San Francisco