Strawberry Hill Migrants and a lucky squirrel

Ken Moy

Good morning!

Quick update. on Tuesday (8/20) from 8:30am to 11:30am (joined by NancyP around 9:30) and sighted at least 3 yellow warblers (one a bight male), 2 wilson's warblers, 4 townsend's warblers (2 males, 1 HY male and 1 juvenile) and 2 western flycatchers (one fairly yellow/buff individual). Came back around 3pm to find a male western tanager. Also, sighting of a local hutton's virea

On Wednesday morning, spotted 2 yellow warblers, 2-3 wilson's warblers and 1 hermit warbler.

During my Tuesday afternoon outing, I noticed a large bird flying into a pine sited downslope from the SW corner of the hill, about 15 feet away and in the shadows. I looked with my bins and immediately saw a red tail hawk in a supine position with its tail towards the trunk of the tree, flapping wings extended below its body and screeching. Almost immediately, the head, front legs and torso of a squirrel appeared from behind the trunk and facing the hawk. The squirrel started clawing and hissing at the hawk with a vengeance. The hawk was not using its beak or talons and appeared to be under duress. I subsequently surmised that the hawk had pounced on the tail/lower body of the squirrel, failed to subdue it and was trying to extricate its talons. The hawk succeeded after a second or two and flew off. The squirrel scampered down the tree. I could not see whether it was injured.