Hooded Warbler McLaren

Daniel Scali

Ran into Kevin Liberg at McLaren Park and after some wandering we heard some warblers. One song was loud and unfamiliar and after much searching we got eyes on a Hooded Warbler as it popped out of a patch of blackberry. (This was 10 min ago) I’ll try to post a screenshot of the location. Didn’t work. I had to leave for a class but Kevin was sticking around. 

Look for it on the north side of J F Shelley by walking west a few hundred yards from the intersection of Mansell and John F Shelley. It was in the blackberry patch behind a fence. I hope it can be refound!
Good birding!
Dan Scali, sf 

Kevin Liberg

Here is a link to  ebird list with Hooded Warbler photos

Cynthia Boyer

I'm in northwestern Ohio watching warbler migration on southwest shores of Lake Erie's marshes.  Hooded Warblers spend summers around here.  I feel so bad for the poor Hooded Warbler being blown so far out of territory.  The poor bird looks a bit dazed....the "I'm not in Kansas anymore" look.