Orchard Oriole and tree removal at Fort Mason

David Assmann

Pretty much the expected birds at Fort Mason this morning with the ORCHARD ORIOLE and a ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER in the garden, a BUFFLEHEAD and a RED-BREASTED MERGANSER in the Aquatic Park, and an ALLEN'S HUMMINGBIRD on the hillside above Aquatic Park. However, a Park Service employee told me that massive tree removal is about to start in the Battery at Fort Mason, with 19 Eucalyptus trees slated for removal between now and March 8th, which will completely change the character of the Battery, and probably will reduce its suitability as a stopover point for migrating birds.

Bob Hall

David: Is the Fort Mason planting plan available somewhere? I think the habitat will actually improve if they plan to replant with coffeeberry, toyons, silk tassel, etc. If you hear of a public meeting on this, please let me know.

Here’s an interesting blurb on toyon from author Kate Marianchild:

"Toyon contributes nectar and pollen for at least 27 native bee species, including leaf cutter and resin bees, digger bees, carpenter bees bumblebees, cellophane bees and mason bees. It provides nectar for hover flies, monarchs, California Sister butterflies, mourning cloaks, Anna’s hummingbird and various beetles and ants. Toyon is the larval host for at least 50 species and it provides seeds and berries for multiple birds, including thrushes, cedar waxwings and finches. Hutton’s vireo, orange-crowned warblers, California towee and several other birds use the tree for nesting."

Since this is a birding sighting forum: robins and waxwings are in huge mobs in my neighbor’s back yards. The most I can remember.

Bob Hall

Bob Hall
San Francisco, CA
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