2 Mornings @ Strawberry Hill/Stow Lake

Ken Moy

Overcast skies with mist/fog rising and falling hilltop to lake dominated Strawberry Hill and Stow Lake for 2 mornings and produced the following:

Friday, 8/23, 7:30 - 10:30 - over 6 yellow warblers (2 bright males) across the trail from the pavilion, 2 hermit warblers and at least 1 townsend's warbler above the reservoir, at least 1 wilson's warbler downslope from picnic table, 2 western tanagers (female) and 1 male black headed grosbeak in the shrubbery around and upslope from the picnic table and 2 western/pac slope flycatchers near the top of the waterfall. Best of all, a succession of 5 birders shared in many of the sightings.

Saturday, 8/24, 7:15 -11:15 - 3 yellow warblers (2 bright males sighted early and one bright make with rusty/grayish streaks on breast spotted later) in small leafed bushes on Stow Lake Drive East between the eastern steps and the concrete bridge, 2 warbling vireos in the large bush overhanging the walking path just east of the concrete bridge, 2 orange crowned warblers (1 in the small leafed bushes on Stow Lake Drive and one in the eucalyptus upslope from the landscaped area near the pavillion), 2 townsend's warbler and 1 western/pac slope flycatcher in the same eucs as the orange crowned and also in the adjacent pines, and 1 wilson's warbler downslope from the picnic table.

Good birding,

Ken Moy