2021 San Francisco Rare Bird Round Up - Sept 25th 2021

H Cotter

For those who might be interested, we are doing an informal San Francisco Rare Bird Round Up this year on Saturday, Sept 25th, 2021.
The goal of the round up is to spread out around the City and try and find rarities. Alan started this almost 30 years ago.
We are asking people to bird the City; wherever you wish to do so and with whomever you wish to do so. 

For those who are comfortable, and weather permitting ( no fog at BG) , we are going to meet up at Battery Godfrey in the Presidio at 12.30 PM to do a countdown.
A final species list will be developed from all the sightings from the day including Ebird and SFbirds. If we can ask you to post your good sightings that would be great.
For those interested, this might be a good opportunity to meet up with the birding community in SF and maybe find some rarities to chase.

Please note that Battey Godfrey can be very busy and challenging for parking.
Sometimes it is easier to park across the road at Fort Scott. BG is also also a place where there can be car break-ins, so please do not leave anything in your car.

Maybe we will see you on Sept. 25th.

Hugh and Alan.