2020 San Francisco Christmas Bird Count

David Assmann

Even though Golden Gate Audubon is not able to sponsor this year's San Francisco Christmas Bird Count, we are proceeding with a modified count on December 29th, subject to COVID restrictions in effect in each location as of that date, and the results will be submitted to National Audubon for their CBC database.  

This has been extraordinary year, and we would like to collect any data to that might document effects of decreased human activity during breeding season, extensive fires in the west and the current drought.  With many counts cancelled, each count that can go forward is that much more important.

Because of COVID restrictions, all counting will be restricted to single households per location. As a result, we are only able to accommodate experienced birders in the field this year, though we invite people to participate in yard/feeder watches regardless of experience level.  We have leaders for each of the 17 areas, who will co-ordinate where people will count within their areas. 

If you are an experienced birder and would like to participate, please reply to sfcbcount@... (sfcbcount at gmail) with your name, email, brief birding background, cell phone number, area preference (from the list below) and include the following statement: I understand that the 2020 San Francisco Christmas Bird Count is unaffiliated and unsponsored and that each individual who participates does so of his or her own accord. I understand and accept the possible risks of participating in this count and willingly undertake it.

1 Downtown, 2 Northern Waterfront, 3 Presidio, 4 Land's End, 5 Eastern GG Park, 6 Western GG Park, 7 Sunset, 8 Twin Peaks, BVP, 9 South of Market, 10 Bayview/Hunters Pt, 11 McLaren Park, 12 Southern Waterfront, 13 Lake Merced, 14 San Bruno Mtn, 15 Crystal Springs, 16 Pacifica, 17 Colma

David Assmann, Alan Hopkins, Siobhan Ruck