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South-Bay-Birders, East-Bay-Birders:

Here is another post matching the one that went out earlier today, but
coming from Dan Nelson of Petaluma over the all new North Bay Birds

Mike Feighner, Livermore, CA, pac_loon@pacbell.net

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Hi Birders,
While "channel surfing" Saturday night, I tuned into the A's-
Diamondbacks game at Oakland Coliseum. The A's had rallied from
behind to tie, and the game went into extra innings. Then the
camera crew showed some incredible views of an avian spectator
"watching" the game from the mowed field level- a Clapper Rail!! It
was about 9:45PM. Perhaps the clapping and applause had attracted it.
(ha-ha). While I've heard stories occasionally of rails stranding
themselves in parking lots and such, this one was quite humerous.
The remodeled coliseum has a high rim encircling it, so it had to
fly pretty high (for a rail sp.) to make it in. Perhaps the bright
light confused it too. Regardless, I thought I would pass this one
along for the "bird funnies".
P.S.-There were something over 54,000 fans there, and the A's
eventually won.-
Dan Nelson

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