Mt. Davidson, 07/07/00 (6:50-7:55 AM)

Paul Saraceni <Paul.Saraceni@...>

The July 4th grass fire (reportedly caused by fireworks) at Mt. D burned
much of the grass and ground cover in the southern half of the eastern
hillside -- all east of the main path (though the burn came within 10' of
the top of the Ravine). Mourning Doves, W. Scrub-Jays, Wh.-crowned Sparrows
et al. were feeding in the exposed burn area this morning. Perhaps other
sparrows will be attracted during the upcoming migration.

Observations of local interest:

Band-tailed Pigeon 2
Western Wood-Pewee 1 (calling incessantly from various perches around the
Summit and Ravine)
Orange-crowned Warbler 2 juv.
Wilson's Warbler 3
Pine Siskin 10
Lesser Goldfinch 3

Paul Saraceni