Josiah Clark <sunbittern@...>

When I was in Humboldt a week back, all the conifers were masting their cones.(mass droppings of seed every so many random years) Irruptive foods make irruptive species. The trees evolved to keep those fiches guessing, and moving around. Lots of goldfinches, Siskins and Purple Finches up there.

Out of the city, I was most impressed by the diversity and abundance of birds at a roadside stop at the water district property by Crystal Springs! Nothing rare but what numbers and great plants too. A flock of about 7 parents and 30 Quail chicks feeding by a family of brush rabbits was a nostalgic sight to say the least....

Abbotts Lagoon had no shorebirds Tues but did see 5 Grasshopper Sparrows, coyote, bobcat at dawn there. 4 sps of breeding sparrow in all with song and white crowns on thousands of territories.


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