That Gull and Willow Flycatcher sightings

Josiah Clark <sunbittern@...>

So far no luck on the Willow Fly sightings. I always thought of Willow as the second most common Empid in the city? Dan told me all his Willows were from chain of lakes. I have at least 5 sightings for the Presidio, some from the areas I need. I know Ivan Samuels has a few as well, but if anyone remembers theirs I would still really appreciate them!

Thanks everyone for the input on the gull. Stephen Davies website was very helpful. What a bleached Calif Gull! Still to me this bird is obviously NOT a GW Gull due to size and shape. After talking with Rich Stallcup and peeling apart characteristics he concluded the gull was most likely a 98 model Thayers Gull which has missed a molt or 2. He told of a bird like this at Stow Lake he had in late Spring a couple years ago. (*So Iceland Gull was too ambitious.)

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