Willow Flycatcher sightings

Josiah Clark <sunbittern@...>

Hey SF birders: a big favor
Please forward any Willow Flycatcher sightings you have to me, passed or present. Specifically we need sightings from Mnt Lake Park, El Pollin Springs, Tennessee Hollow and Lobos Creek. Most valuable are sightings of this species in riparian or native veg. If you happen to know the kind of plants the birds were using, this is an added bonus. Any other notes folks want to add on the occurrence of this species would be helpful.
( While we all have seen Willow Flys passing through degraded coastal habitats ie) E Wash,outer PT Reyes, my experience is they show up more often and stay longer when in riparian habitats.)
I have recently come to learn that the presence of the state endangered Willow Flycatcher on migration in given areas may make or break many habitat upcoming enhancement plans (which of course will offer the best birding!) Without help from you and our endangered friends, conservation lobbyists have little leverage for proposed landscape alternatives to restoration.
Many thanks
Josiah Clark

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