Fw: Pelicans, foxes and Pt counts

Paul Saraceni <Paul.Saraceni@...>

This morning (6:40-7:50) I observed 3 P-s. Flycatchers at Mt. D. One was
calling from the euc. woods on the south side of the summit and 2 were
chasing each other about the Ravine.

Also on the late-ish side were a calling W. Wood-Pewee and singing W.
Tanager and B-h. Grosbeak (the latter singing at the same time as the R-b.


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There was a very vocal and nesting PSFLY near Kobbe & Upton last year, my
bird walk group all got good looks and listens...have not checked yet this
year...I suspect most of the ones seen in spring are NOT nesting but just
passing through
last month on the flycatcher day at East Wash the PSFly there did call a
times though with nothing like the mindless insistence of the O/s FLy
The PSFly at Davidson this morning was silent