Hooded Warbler


After pretty quiet visits to Cliff House, Ft. Miley and West Wash, I hit
Middle Lake and while poking around the glen heard a song I didn't recognize.
I followed the song through the brush leading up to the SW corner of the
Fly-casting Pool and eventually got on a male HOODED WARBLER singing midway
up a cypress. I was able to look at it for several minutes before it
continued moving around. Not much else in the area (1 active Hutton's Vireo
nest). Since the Triatholon was coming soon, I headed to Glen Canyon. Usual
suspects, 1 unidentifed warbler song, 3 Lazuli Bunting, 1 Warbling Vireo, 3
BH Grosbeaks, OS Flycatchers... Heard Hugh's message about the Parula and
gave it a shot, fought my way through the bike race and did a loop around
the 17th Hole and East Wash, nothing doing.

Kevin McKereghan