Windy morning


There was a lot of activity at the Cliff house this morning in the high
winds. It was fun to watch, but was pretty much the usual crew, with the
exception of a couple of handfuls of Sooty Shearwaters between 6:15 and 6:45.
A few of them approached quite near the shore, just behind the rocks.
Heermann's are back in force, some Pac Loons in alt plumage, and beyond my
scope's ID range, some smaller Forster's-type terns heading north.

Harry Fuller <harry_fuller@...>

Hundreds of RT Loons streaming north past Pacheco/Ocesn Beach this morning.
Couple of Cl Grebe offshore, all the usual summer birds including some adult
Heer Gulls, few Sanderlings and Whimbrel lingering onshore. Nothing unusual,
missed any Jaeger ;-(