BV Park

Harry Fuller <harry_fuller@...>

As Alan Ridley noted yesterday: WT Swifts over Buena Vista Park...and a
lot nicer than having to haul out to "gorgous" Candlestick. for a BY bird.
Thanks, AR.
About 730am, one circling over the top of the park.

Also present, three BH Grosbeaks playing tag, PYNU, singing OC Warb, SCJA,
singing DEJU, ALHU, CATO
The walk into BV Park from Buena Vista West and Upper Terrace is an easy
one...great views even if you don't get any new birds

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Checked the s.e. city this morning. I was in the McLaren park amphitheater
scanning a treetop when 6 Black Swifts flew over heading north; large, all
dark, with slightly forked tails. Later at Bayview, there was a W Kingbird
in the willowy ravine. Both parks had continuing numbers from the recent
migrant movements, especially singing Lazuli Buntings all over.

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