Brian Fitch

Sighted at 10 30 by Erik atwell
Currently out of sight on north face of hermit rock
Brian fitch

Least Tern continues

Joachim Gonzalez

Viewed by Calvin and I from Boathouse tamp looking SW.

Least Tern at Lake Merced

Aaron Maizlish

I found a Least Tern at Lake Merced. Very unseasonable (late migrant or failed breeder/early dispersal?). Viewed looking southwest-ward from the shoreline at the entrance to the Rowing Club/Harding Park.

The bird is at the far shore, circling around fairly high and diving for fish at least twice in the 10 minutes that I watched it. Also some Caspian Terns around, for easy size comparison. If you go, look both high near the tree-line, and also along the reedy shoreline, where it was last seen feeding.

Yellow bill, black mask, short forked-tail. Distinctive flight style. Looks like an albino swallow at this distance!

There are not that many records for SF as far as I know.

Aaron Maizlish
San Francesca

Parula at North Lake

David Assmann

NORTHERN PARULA singing at south end of lake.

Parakeet Auklet visible now

David Assmann

The PARAKEET AUKLET found by Dominik on June 21st is swimming close to shore south west of the rock it’s been seen on right now.

Land's End/Fort Miley 6/24/2019

C Lou


No Parakeet Auklet. But Alan Hopkins and myself had an ANCIENT MURRELET behind Hermit Rock. It kept
swimming east and out of sight.

Calvin Lou

Parula location

Joachim Gonzalez

Forgot to mention. In the willows with a flock of CBCH, PYNU, WIWA, and others right by the concrete bridge by the creek.

Northern Parula at Lobos Creek

Joachim Gonzalez

There is a silent Northern Parula at upper Lobos Creek. Last seen at around 12:30

Joachim Gonzalez

Parakeet Auklet is back at Land's End/Fort Miley 6/21/19


The PARAKEET AUKLET has returned for a fourth consecutive summer. Today it was seen flying into the north face of its favorite rock at 11 a.m. Viewed from the Coastal Trail near the "Historic Shipwrecks" sign. This is a couple minutes walk east from the USS San Francisco memorial parking lot /West Fort Miley.

A male ROSE-BREASTED Grosbeak was at the trail X on Mt. Davidson before 7 a.m., calling frequently from a hidden perch. It dove for cover once I got eyes on it.

Dominik Mosur
San Francisco

Re: Northern Parula

Brandy Deminna Ford


5:30 pm on June 20th 2019. This is Brandy Ford of San Francisco.

Northern Parula

Brandy Deminna Ford

At 5:30 pm walking to Baker Beach saw a Northern Parula in a tree on the lower lobos creek path. 

East Wash Parula(s)

Brian Fitch

I hiked from Sutro to Eagle Pt this morning, with the only unusual species being at the East Wash.

As I approached on the Coastal Trail, I heard a Northern Parula giving its high upslurred zip on the golf green just west of the wash trail, and followed the bird without seeing it as it moved further west along the upper green, occasionally singing, and then down the slope and out of reach.  I gave up on getting a visual and continued eastward, but a few minutes later I heard a different unusual song, and found another(?) parula at eye level in the willows on the Coastal Trail just east of the bottom of the East Wash.  This one hung out feeding and giving the other parula song ending in two short flat buzzes.

I also checked on Hermit Rock as I walked by, with no sign yet of any alcids other than guillemots.

Brian Fitch

Mt. Sutro OSP - American Redstart

Daniel Scali

Black and orange male, singing near the summit

Correction Re: Robin Subdues a Lizard

Richard Bradus

Apologies for being somewhat off-topic, but I must correct an error in my original message.

Perhaps overly exited about the robin vs. lizard encounter, I inexplicably mis-identified the species of lizard. As Gerry Mugele kindly pointed out, it was of course a California Alligator Lizard. For those seeking more information about our local reptiles, you might want to check out this link Gerry provided:

Now, about those plants I can't seem to keep straight...

Good luck exploring!

Richard Bradus
San Francisco

Stow Lake Wood Duck, Mandarin Duck, Hooded Merganser

David Assmann

Stow Lake has always had its shared of exotic waterfowl - various forms of mallards, Muscovy Ducks, etc. that were introduced by humans.  One of those - a female MANDARIN DUCK - has now been there for almost five years - first reported on eBird in 2014, and still present this morning on the west side of the island. On the northwest corner of the lake was an oversummering HOODED MERGANSER - for the past four summers a male Hooded Merganser has stayed at Stow Lake.  Presumably this is the same bird that has lost its ability (or desire) to migrate.  It often hangs out with the female Mandarin Duck. A recent arrival was a male WOOD DUCK, hanging out near the Boathouse. For the past ten years, like clockwork, a male WOOD DUCK has shown up in late spring at Stow Lake (it could be longer, but it's been at least 10 years based on eBird reports). This is probably not the same bird each year, particularly given that sometimes more than one Wood Duck has shown up.

Robin subdues a lizard (not for the faint of heart)

Richard Bradus

Hi all.

Spent a bit of this fine morning exploring Alemany Farm, my first visit to this community resource with some good bird activity, though marred by a lot of noise from the adjacent freeway. Some active breeders, including Bushtits, Hooded Orioles, Starlings and Phoebes (not to mention butterflies and friendly people!). And something I never expected - a Robin taking down a lizard!

My attention was first drawn to a nice garter snake, then I spotted a nearby Fence Lizard opening its mouth in a defiant display. This had the unfortunate effect of drawing in a foraging Robin, which soon grabbed the lizard by the tail and began thrashing it about. The lizard lost the end of its tail but, undeterred, continued its defiant face off. The Robin chased after it and caught it again, thrashing it about multiple times, biting off more of the tail and finally bashing the lizard's head against the ground multiple times and subduing it. It then grabbed the limp body and carried it off. I managed to capture a bit of the action in photos:

Inline image

Inline image

Inline image

Inline image  

Inline image

Inline image

Sometimes it just isn't wise to mouth off! It's rough out there. And you thought your day was stressful!

Richard Bradus
San Francisco

American Redstart McLaren Park

David Nelson

The American Redstart, found this morning, continues in the willows at waters edge, east end of the upper pond at McLaren Park, San Francisco. Being seen now.

Good birding!

David W. Nelson

American Redstart — McLaren Park upper pond

Daniel Scali


This one (I’m guessing a young male from the female colors but powerful singing) sang consistently from 8-10am, jumping from tree to tree and in the willows; all along the east side of the pond, as in opposite side of the parking lot. Why did I spend 2 entire hours with the bird, you ask? It was so stunning in the early light that I desperately wanted a nice photo. Alas, photographing warblers is as fun as getting one’s teeth cleaned with a water drill. Maybe next time...

Also it was still there when I left.


Misc Battery Godfrey Sightings - June 10, 2019: Townsend's Solitaire and Ash-throated Flycatcher

H Cotter

Sorry for the belated report.
Yesterday Monday- during a couple of early morning hours at Battery Godfrey with Brian Fitch and also Alan Hopkins for a while we had a couple of interesting sightings including:
Townsend's Solitaire; What I believed to be this species flew through and did not stop
Ash-throated Flycatcher; First spotted by Brian. Many more than in previous years.
Lazuli Bunting; at least 2 males


Knot continues at Crissy

Dave Weber

Red knot was near the bridge/boardwalk at Crissy Lagoon around 11:30 this morning. 

Dave Weber,
By phone