Farallon Cam birds

Alan Hopkins

The last two mornings I’ve been checking the Farallon Cam. This morning there was what I believe was a Magnolia Warbler and what I think was a Pewee. Yesterday there was a bird that I thought was a Myiarchus flycatcher (it is hard to judge size) and two passerines, one was a warbler with a pale throat, the other seemed to have a pale crown stripe (?). Passerines are found on the East Landing view.

Alan S. Hopkins
San Francisco, CA


Joachim Gonzalez

Me and Max have refound Mark Dettling’s BAOR at (37.7998, -122.4728)

Baltimore Oriole - Dragonfly Creek

Rudyard Wallen

Hey folks, message relay for Mark Dettling:

Baltimore Oriole (Icterus galbula) (1)
- Reported Jun 03, 2019 09:50 by Mark Dettling
- Dragonfly Creek - BAOR, San Francisco, California
- Map:,-122.472869&ll=37.799786,-122.472869
- Checklist:
- Comments: "Point is at location bird was seen and heard singing. It was in the eucalyptus trees. I’m not of the SF birds list so maybe someone could post this. Adult male oriole with completely black head and bright orange below. Tail feathers with lots of orange. Poor  digibin photo that I’ll upload later today."

Blue Grosbeak continues Corona Heights Park

Linda Swanson

The Blue Grosbeak flew into the reported location, as described by Dan Scali, from the south at 10:34 a.m. Was not present earlier. Calling chip notes and feeding on the grass seed. 
Linda Swanson
Bonnie Bompart
Jeff Anderson

Re: Blue Grosbeak

Richard Bradus

Lucky Daniel - he arrived just after the Blue Grosbeak popped out into the open. Cliff Y had been following the bird for perhaps two hours when I arrived at about 5:15, and a few other observers came by as well. The Grosbeak had been scared off by Scrub Jays but returned to favored hiding places in the shrubs and adjacent perches, eventually venturing out onto the north slope grasses to graze. Moderately cooperative - it kept its distance and would not allow Cliff to get close-ups, but it remained in view intermittently for at least a half hour, silent, later settling down and feeding on seeds.

Also of note: a House Finch was hover-feeding - repeatedly hovering over the tall grasses as they blew about in the wind to grab seeds. First time I've seen such behavior from this species.

Richard Bradus
San Francisco

On Sunday, June 2, 2019, 5:56:52 PM PDT, Daniel Scali <daniel.s.scali@...> wrote:

Hi birders,

Blue Grosbeak still very cooperative on and off for a couple hours (say some other birders checking him out for a while) on the north side of Corona Heights park at 5:45pm 6/2. Walk uphill past the dog run and turn the corner. He’s favoring the scotch? broom thickets vs the poison oak/blackberry.

Dan Scali

The Blue Grosbeak

Dave Weber

Glad the Blue Grosbeak continued at Corona Heights Park where I found it early this morning. Corona Heights is one of several locations in the city new to me in the last few weeks, the others being Candlestick, McLaren, Mt D and Twin Peaks. I would not have visited them if I had not been nearing 250 county birds. The Blue Grosbeak was #250. Nearly every new county bird these days has been found by others who check these location regularly. Thanks to all of them.


Dave Weber,


Blue Grosbeak

Daniel Scali

Hi birders,

Blue Grosbeak still very cooperative on and off for a couple hours (say some other birders checking him out for a while) on the north side of Corona Heights park at 5:45pm 6/2. Walk uphill past the dog run and turn the corner. He’s favoring the scotch? broom thickets vs the poison oak/blackberry.

Dan Scali

Misc Sightings - June 2, 2019

H Cotter

Hit some very foggy spots along the west side today with Paul Saraceni for much of it.
Not much doing but interesting sightings included:

Eared Grebe - Continuing at the South End of Lake Merced

Four Sanderling on Ocean Beach - late migrants or returning birds ?
Two GW Gulls continuing.

East Wash/ Fort Miley had three singing Swainsons Thrush.

Two BH Grosbeak at El Polin

Some belated sightings from earlier this week included two and possibly three BG Gnatcatcher's, a lingering Townsend's Warbler and a flyover GT Grackle at Battery Godfrey on Tuesday May 28th.


Blue Grosbeak 10:40am

Bradley Voelker

Just seen on same northeast slope right below summit perched and calling. 


Fw: [pen-bird] Ancient Murrelets with chick, Brown Booby SE Farallon Island - Fide Gerry McChesney


Original post from Gerry McChesney to Pen-bird

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Sent: Saturday, June 1, 2019, 10:48:28 PM PDT
Subject: [pen-bird] Ancient Murrelets with chick, Brown Booby SE Farallon Island

I know this is really a San Francisco County sighting but I’m not on that listserve. Feel free to forward.

To our astonishment, a pair of adult Ancient Murrelets with a roughly half-grown chick spent much of today just off the East Landing at Southeast Farallon Island.  Ancient Murrelets are not known to breed south of southern British Columbia or perhaps the Washington coast.  This species takes their 1-2 chicks to sea when they are only 2-3 day old downy fluffballs.

The murrelets were seen from both boat and shore.  In the late afternoon, we watched from the island as the two adults made repeated dives, coming up with food that was fed to the chick.  Very fascinating!

Murrelets take their chicks far distances. Given the size of the chick, I doubt it originated from Southeast Farallon.  But the origin will be fun to speculate and discuss.

U.S Fish and Wildlife Service volunteer Michael Pierson got lots of great photos. A couple are included in his ebird checklist from the day, which have birds from the Golden Gate to the island. Attached is a link to Michael’s checklist, shared with me.

Brown Boobies continue out here. One was on Sugarloaf today.


Ash Throat Botanical Gardens

Joachim Gonzalez

On a relatively slow day in the Botanical Gardens, Nicolas F, Max B, Sabrina C, and I found an Ash Throated Flycatcher near the succulent garden. It was quickly mobbed by a Black Phoebe and flew towards Cali Native section. Nothing much else of interest. Cooperative Allen’s was also good. 

Joachim Gonzalez

Re: Blue Grosbeak June 2

Ken Moy

Still on NE hillside slope @ 8:40. In the open. Also, Ash throated flycatcher & warbling vireo.

Blue Grosbeak June 2

Dave Weber

Now 635 am on east/northeast hillside below summit at Corona Heights park

Dave Weber,
By phone

Local Interest

David Assmann

Started the day at Fort Mason, meeting up with Juan Garcia.  No new migrants today.  Unfortunately someone vandalized the tree in front of the tennis courts, tearing off the limb that contained the active Nuttall's Woodpecker nest, presumably dooming the young. Moving on to El Polin Spring, the news was better.  The continuing OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER has found a mate! The male was no longer singing, and was making courtship calls as the two flew around the trees above the parking lot. A few migrants were found as well, including a WARBLING VIREO, a WESTERN TANAGER, and a LAZULI BUNTING.  Final stop was Crissy Lagoon to look for a Red-Necked Phalarope, which wasn't there, but the surprise bird was a male BLUE-WINGED TEAL south-east of the bridge.

Blue Winged Teal at Crissy

David Assmann

South east of bridge

Blue Grosbeak continues

Joachim Gonzalez

At the shrubbery at (37.7652, -122.4389)

Close up phalaropes

Aaron Maizlish

If you want close viewing of Red-necked Phalaropes, at least five are swimming around the boat docks at the Pacific Rowing Club, S. Side of entrance road to Harding Golf Club at Lake Merced. One is about three feet from me. Nice, but no unusual gulls here at the moment.

Aaron Maizlish

Re: Blue grosbeak continues 1145am 5/31/2019

Robert Martin

  Behind museum near staff parking 

On Friday, May 31, 2019, 06:13, Dominik Mosur <dominikmosur@...> wrote:

Thanks to Jim Lomax for the early bird report from the field.


Blue grosbeak continues 5/31/2019


Thanks to Jim Lomax for the early bird report from the field.


Local Interest

David Assmann

Before Dominik's timely post of the Blue Grosbeak sighting, I started the day at Fort Mason, where the only migrant was a WESTERN WOOD-PEWEE in the Battery,  At the Palace of Fine Arts, the two resident MUTE SWANS were zealously guarding six chicks as the roamed the lawns. And at El Polin Springs, the OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER was still calling.  Also saw a newly fledged HUTTON'S VIREO.  However, the BLUE GROSBEAK at Corona Heights stole the day (pictures attached).