BW Teal

David Armstrong

1 M 1 F on McNabb Lake, McLaren Park at 9 am. Circled and landed twice, but looks like they have moved on. 

Sequoia Audubon May 13 Monthly Meeting

Sequoia Audubon Society

Upcoming Monthly Meeting, Thurs. May 13
Community Science: Long-Term Lessons: Perspectives from Three Years of Mushroom Monitoring in the Santa Cruz Mountains
Christian Schwartz, Research Associate at the Norris Center for Natural History (UCSC) and the Santa Barbara Botanical Garden, co-author of Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast
Mushroom hunters enjoy traveling far and wide, bouncing from place to place and following the rains to stay with the season. But what happens when we focus on revisiting the same small areas whether there has been rain or not? And what if one takes it a step further, and rather than just harvesting chanterelles or photographing the flashiest species, takes the time to pay attention to everything, counting individual fruitbodies and keeping track of changes from year to year? Christian has been undertaking just such an effort for the past three years, supported by a grant from the Save the Redwoods League – and this year, some of his survey transects were burned in the CZU Fire. Join us to hear what discoveries, lessons, and patterns have emerged from this ambitious project.

Bernal Hill Today

Eddie Monson

Hi everybody,
Today as noted by others was a large push in the city. Bernal this morning while not having anything "rare" had some nice movement. Warbling Vireos were more numerous than I have ever seen with 8, Tanagers seemed in every tree with migrants, at least 2 Olive-sided were around as well as 2 Ash-throats, many grosbeaks, and a immature Bullock's Oriole (quite uncommon up here). Finally the Lawrence's Goldfinches were tinkling on the south side.
This afternoon I went up with Rajan Rao in hopes of getting him his hill bird Lawrence's. Some highlights from that were the juvenile Swainson's Hawk that interestingly made 2 passes by the hill before continuing north, we received great views of the female and male Lawrences flying right over us and witnessed them land twice, a female Laz was near the top of anderson, and the large flycatchers from the morning continued. 
Other than migrants it was nice to see hatched bushtits and juncos. Signs of successful breeding!
A great day of migration and hopefully more to come!


Fort Mason Migrants

David Assmann


Re: Swainy

Brian Fitch

No Swainy yet, but a Purple Martin just ripped by!
Thanks Eddie
Brian Fitch

On Mon, May 10, 2021 at 4:45 PM Eddie Monson <eg40monson@...> wrote:
Juv just headed north from Bernal towards protrero


Eddie Monson

Juv just headed north from Bernal towards protrero

East Wash Migrants

Brian Fitch

I checked a number of sites this morning; Battery Godfrey, Ft Scott, the East Wash, and the plateau west of the Legion, with only the wash having anything much, which was surprising because so much was there. 

An hour spent in the overgrown middle section brought me sight or sound of 3 Olive-sided Flycatchers, Western Wood-Pewee, Pac-slope Flycatcher, 4 Western Kingbirds, a minimum of 15 Warbling Vireos (8 in view at once), Red-breasted Nuthatch, Swainson's Thrush in both olive and russet versions, Orange-crowned, Yellow, Black-throated Gray, 2 Townsend's, 3 Hermit, 2 Wilson's Warblers, 3 Western Tanagers, 2 Hooded Orioles, and 4 Lazuli Buntings.  Ft Scott had a Turkey Vulture, a flock of 7 Band-taileds, and a single kingbird over an equal amount of time, and I left as the westerlies began to kick up again.
Brian Fitch

Black swift(s) flew over mnt Davidson

Nico Stuurman

One, possibly two, headed north at about 8.13
Nico Stuurman

white-winged scoter off mile rock 5/9/21


A male white-winged scoter was with the surf scoter raft around Mile Rock, seen off the Land’s End trail today.

A couple of Wandering Tattlers remain cooperative seen from the parapet of the now shuttered Cliff House.

To echo Hugh’s remarks, there have been very few migrants noted on Corona Hill this spring including some unusually late first arrivals.

Happy Mother’s Day,

Dominik Mosur
San Francisco

Lake Merced Misc. 5/8 and 5/9

H Cotter

It seems like migrants have been very hard to come by at Lake Merced this spring so far; this weekend finally saw a few coming through including:
Western Tanager, Warbling Vireo and Ash-throated Flycatcher yesterday 5/8 and Olive-sided Flycatcher and Swainson's Thrush today- 5/9.

An Aleutian Cackling goose continues as does the Bonaparte's Gull found I believe by Rachel earlier this week. Other interesting birds have included two Green-winged  Teal, Hooded Orioles, Bank Swallows, a Surf Scoter, Red-necked Phalaropes and a continuing Ring-necked Duck.


Fort Mason Migrants - Olive-Sided, Vireos, Tanagers, Bunting

David Assmann

A small migrant push this morning at Fort Mason brought in an OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER, a CASSIN'S VIREO, a WARBLING VIREO, a LAZULI BUNTING and four WESTERN TANAGERS.

Possible Golden Eagle heading NW 1050

Sarah Burton

Turkey Vulture kettle of approx 6 above Twin Peaks heading NW 1050 may have had a Golden Eagle.

SF this week

Eddie Monson

Hi all,
This past week I have been birding Bernal as usual. Today I did a quick look around other spots on the east side of the city and saw a few migrants although no major push was occuring. Here are some of the interesting sightings from the week (including today).
-Broad-winged Hawk (Adult flew by my house on Monday)
-Lawrence's Goldfinch (I witnessed an adult male on Wednesday followed up by 2 seen on Friday by David Armstrong)
-Golden Eagle (A second year flew over my house on Friday)
-Acorn Woodpecker (Flyby on Tuesday)
-Ash-throated Flycatcher (My FOS in the city today on Bernal. Seemingly sparse in the city so far this year?)
I am definitely seeing diversity but really a lack of numbers. Tanagers and grosbeaks seem to come in one's and two's. Warblers seem almost non-existent most days and raptors up to now have also been slow. It will be interesting to see how this year plays out and whether it is just a very late year or something else.

Fort Mason sightings 5/7/21


A “blue”grosbeak , hooded oriole, western bluebird gathering nesting materials were my highlights yesterday :)
I also spotted one of the elusive common gallinules at Las Gallinas

Happy birding!

Re: Yellow-headed Blackbird continues

Joe Morlan


Thanks for the tip. Some photos from this morning:

On Fri, 7 May 2021 07:54:48 -0700, "Dan Harris" <> wrote:

On Crissy Field western lawn near large pine and nearby buildings --

Joseph Morlan, Pacifica, CA

Global Big Day/Christmas in May Tomorrow and Blue Grosbeak continues

David Assmann

Even if you are not participating in Golden Gate Audubon's Christmas in May, you can help contribute towards Global Big Day tomorrow by going to your favorite birding spot.  Last May 141 species were found in San Francisco on Global Big Day. Although I did not see the Blue Grosbeak at Fort Mason today, at least one other birder did see it.

Around town this morning

David Armstrong

I took advantage of the great weather and hit a number of spots this morning. I first worked the early shift at Mt. Davidson which had a grand total of 3 migrants - 1 male Hermit Warbler, 1 Lazuli Bunting and 1 Western Tanager. From there I went across town to Portero Hill Rec Center where there were at least 4 flycatcher species including what would be a very early Willow (obvious empid, well seen from below and at close to eye level - overall brownish above, pale with some yellowish wash on the underparts, orange lower mandible, no eye ring, 2 brownish wingbars etc.). Also a late Pine Siskin calling and another Western Tanager.

The Lawrence's Goldfinches that I reported already were briefly seen together on the hillside above Folsom Street near its intersection with Bernal Heights Blvd. They perched up obligingly for a minute or so then flew off up the hill. The other interesting bird was a Western Kingbird seen on the south side of the hill opposite the top of the Prentiss stairs on Bernal Heights Blvd. I also heard Western Tanager while I was there.

Finally I walked Glen Canyon Park which has been quiet so far this spring but I did have 2 more Pine Siskins, a singing Purple Finch, 2 singing Black-headed Grosbeaks, another Western Tanager and a singing Warbling Vireo in the upper part of the canyon.


Re: golden eagle

Eddie Monson

Just to clarify, my house is in bernal. Headed NW towards buena vista.

On Fri, May 7, 2021 at 11:35 AM Eddie Monson via <> wrote:
juv headed north from my house

golden eagle

Eddie Monson

juv headed north from my house

Re: LAGO Bernal Hill

David Armstrong

Hi all - in my haste to report this I mistakenly said east rather than north hillside (Folsom St. bends around). the spot is very close to where Folsom ends and Bernal Heights Blvd. begins

37°44'35.5"N 122°24'38.7"W

Good luck if you chase them

On Friday, May 7, 2021, 10:38:46 AM PDT, Sarah Burton <burtosarah@...> wrote:

Great finds, David! Eddie, your lists from Bernal are fantastic...

Willow Flycatcher continues at the Potrero Hill Rec Center, currently in the eucs just meters south of the cement stairs/beginning of wood path. Silent. 

Larry Goldfinch pair heard and barely seen at Bernal. They flew south up the hill from Folsom entrance and maybe a bit west. The call notes sounded like "shwing:" fast double notes and a bzzzz. I did not see or hear the gnatcatcher. 


On Fri, May 7, 2021 at 09:16 David Armstrong via <> wrote:
I'd wager they're the ones you've been observing. Given they bred in SF last year, why not again in 21?

On Fri, May 7, 2021 at 9:14 AM, Eddie Monson
Hi all,
Great find David! I wonder if these goldfinches are new or the same bird/birds seen over the past 2 weeks. Seems pretty unlikely that there have been 4 different birds in the same area in 2 weeks but possible? Could this be a pair poking around trying to nest?
Happy spring

On Fri, May 7, 2021 at 9:01 AM David Armstrong via <> wrote:
Male and female Lawrence's Goldfinch on east hillside off Folsom St. right now. Also Western Kingbird

Earlier a Willow Flycatcher at Potrero Rec Center in eucs above playground. Good mix of migrants around with tanagers calling in multiple locations. 

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