Vaux's Swift flyover in Noe and in Coyote Hills!


GGAS field trip to Coyote Hills Regional Park in Fremont also saw half a dozen or so Vaux's swift zooming around at about 11:00 AM Sunday along the road between the vistor's center and the quarry parking lot. We did not locate the blue gray gnatcatcher ourselves, but it was reported there around 11:30 AM. We also enjoyed a four warbler day (Wilson's, yellow-rumped, Townsend's and orange-crowned) and many waterfowl and white pelicans, despite the dry ponds near the visitor's center. Three identifiable species of raptors (WT kite, n. harrier and RT hawk, each with both adults and juveniles) and an unidentified falcon. Lastly, there were more hermit thrushes in every inch of appropriate habitat than I've ever seen in Coyote Hills before. Maybe this will be the thrush-of-the winter this year?

Anne Hoff

Adam Winer <awiner@...> wrote:
Adding to other reports of Vaux's Swifts moving in the SF Bay,
just after noon about 80 Vaux's Swifts moved south past my home
in Noe Valley over a period of 10 minutes. About 10 Violet-green
Swallows were mixed in among the swifts.

Also visible from the deck was the continuing White-tailed Kite,
today distantly perched on the slope northeast of Twin Peaks.

-- Adam

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