Outstanding morning at McLaren

Adam Winer

Spurred by Alan's report from yesterday, I spent the morning at
the willows on John F Shelly Drive. Bird activity was generally
very high along the boardwalk. Highlights were many; in

- TENNESSEE WARBLER: presumably the bird that got away from
Alan, a small, short-tailed, sharp-billed greenish-yellow Vermivora sp.
with a strong eyeline and pale undertail coverts.
- BLACKPOLL WARBLER: a classic fall individual seen a few minutes later
- ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK: apparently female, whitish underside
with well-marked streaking across the breast
- Ash-throated Flycatcher: a nemesis of mine for city birding finally
flew into in the willows for lengthy looks before it was flushed by a
- Willow Flycatcher: at least one, probably two
- Cassin's Vireo: one dull individual

Also present were numerous Western Tanagers, several
each Black-headed Grosbeaks, Wilson's, Townsend's,
and Yellow Warblers, Warbling Vireos, and "Western"
Flycatchers, and one Huttons' Vireo. Fox Sparrows are
now common, and a couple were singing.

Looks like the Rare Bird Roundup will be well-timed!

-- Adam

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