Ft. Scott & Seawatch, SF, 08/26/07

Paul Saraceni

This morning I made a visit to the NW Presidio and then did a 1-hr. searwatch.

At Lobos Dunes, there was very little migrant activity (single Yellow & Orange-crowned Warblers). 2 Bewick's Wrens were near the boardwalk and a Great Horned Owl was calling @ 8:15 from the forest NE of the dunes.

At Ft. Scott, a group of 5 WESTERN BLUEBIRDS was on the west side of the parade grounds, feeding on the ground and perching up on the rooftops. The flock included 2 spotted juveniles.

The sparrow flock (currently White-crowns and Juncos) frequenting the edges of the basketball court and soccer field is already worth checking: this morning it included 2 CHIPPING SPARROWS.

Other migrants in the scattered trees around the parade grounds included:
Yellow Warbler 2
Townsend's Warbler 1
Wilson's Warbler 1
W. Tanager 2

At the s. end of Ocean Beach, viewing conditions were perfect. Observations of interest (9-10 AM):
Common Loon 6
Pacific Loon 1
Red-thr. Loon 2
GREEN-WINGED TEAL 8 (1 tight flock flying N offshore)
Surf Scoter 6
Red-necked Phalarope 8 (flying S)
PARASITIC JAEGER 1 (light morph ad.)
POMARINE JAEGER 1 (light morph ad.)
Pigeon Guillemot 8 (including 3 juvs.)
Common Murre 40+ (including numerous juvs.)
Harbor Porpoise 3-5
small shark sp. w/long tail 1 -- Thresher Shark?

Paul Saraceni
San Francisco

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