Lafayette Park

redhead94109 <redhead94109@...>

I only saw one Cooper's Hawk today, but it is almost grown and
ready to fledge. There were no adults, nor did I see any other
nestlings. I noticed it would hop/fly from the nest to a branch and then
back again. When they had the Falcon Cam, I noticed the young Peregrines
would also do this. I'd like to direct your attention to Walter's photo
"Female with Prey." Notice she's banded on the right leg. I saw last
year's female and she, too, was banded on the right leg. We've suspected
that this was last year's pair, but I believe this confirms it. If I may
be so bold, I'd like to name the adults Frankie and Johnny. Frankie
being the female. As in, "Frankie and Johnny were sweethearts."
Pat McCulloch

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