Re: Harlequin duck & Eurasian wigeon at Heron's Head

Paul Saraceni

The Harlequin Duck (but not the wintering Eurasian Wigeon) was also present at Noon on Sunday, swimming in the calm channel on the north side of the HH peninsula amongst Surf Scoters. Several female Common Goldeneye and Red-br. Mergansers were also present.

2 Pelagic Cormorants were at the tip of the peninsula, perching on a rock and diving nearby.

2 Black-necked Stilts were roosting with other shorebirds in the marsh.

An ad. Thayer's Gull was in with the Mew Gull flock.

60+ Western Meadowlarks comprised the largest flock I've observed at Heron's Head.

A pair of Am. Kestrel were atop a light tower near the parking lot -- perhaps nesting locally? Another male Am. Kestrel was along 16th St. across from the UCSF Mission Bay complex.

Paul Saraceni
San Francisco

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From: TrentWOrr@...
Between 4 and 5 this afternoon, the male harlequin duck continued. It was
on a rock right at water's edge maybe 50 yards east of the end of the head on
the south (India Basin) side. East of there, on the far side of the largest
pool on the south side of the trail, was a male Eurasian wigeon, resting and
preening in association with a half dozen Am. wigeon.

Good birding,

Trent Orr

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