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Alvaro Jaramillo


That link in my original message has calls you can listen to of all the
types. They are so similar to each other that I don't think that I can tell
any of them apart, the sounds are so quick it is just difficult to do. But
the extreme types are more noticeable. So within the straightforward
"jip-jip" you may have 2-3 types alone! The only way to figure it out is to
record them and make sonograms I am afraid, at least with present knowledge.
But then again, maybe you are on to something.



Alvaro Jaramillo


Half Moon Bay, California

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Here in SF, I've heard two distinct call types over the past years. I can't
do justice to them through written alliteration, and currently don't have
access to sonograms or recordings of the 8-9 call types from around the
continent. The majority of the birds in the city use a single call, a
straightforward "jip-jip". The other call was clearly different, and the
time I heard it, I wondered if I was indeed hearing a crossbill, and was
to confirm a single bird (female plumage) giving it. I've only heard that
call here one other time, unsighted, so it may be a singleton of a different
hanging with our flocks, or different birds that happened to wander through
town while I was listening. I'll have to check if all of the call types are
available on the web, and hope the odd caller returns, so I can try to match
up. I've rarely heard any crossbill songs in the city, only calls.
Our birds occur regularly in western GG Park, Sutro Heights, Land's End and
throughout the Presidio, and irregularly on Mount Davidson and Twin Peaks.
Both of the odd calls occurred in the Presidio. Over many years of birding
East Bay hills, I've never heard or seen a crossbill in any of the extensive

conifer forests there.
Brian Fitch

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