Nashville Warbler @ Botanical garden

Jan <janv@...>

There was one Nashville Warbler at the succulent garden in the very
west of Strybing Arboretum. It was working on the red blooming plants,
together with an orange-crowned Warbler.
Compared to the mysterious Nashville/Tennesse Warbler at hippie hill
this one looked very different to me. More stubby, with a bigger head
and it was streching it`s neck forward to get to the blooms. I don't
want to start this discussion again but i would support the assumption
that there might have been two different warblers. The one i saw
didn't show any gray on it's head, so that i already had some doubt if
we were talking about the same bird here, but as i met another guy
waiting for the oriole there he told me that this would be the warbler
everybody is talking about. Anyway, i don't feel capable to give a
judgement, but would be interested in the final result of this discussion.

Additionally there were 4 California Quail (3fem., 1 male). Another
orange-crowned Warbler was seen at the main entrance on wednesday.
Furthermore i observed an attck of an adult red-tailed hawk on a
red-shoulderd hawk. It didn't look like he just wanted to scare the
red-shouldered, because he missed him only by some inches and that
only because the red-shouldered jumped away in the last second. It
seemed as if their wings even touched each other. Afterwards the
red-tailed left, so that i wouldn't have made much sense if it was a
kind of protection of it's territory. Furthermore the attack was
totally quiet. Do red-tailed hawks catch other raptors? I know about
Northern Goshawks in europe that catch our most common buteo, which is
bigger than a red-shouldered hawk.

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