Red Crossbill call types

Alvaro Jaramillo


Cc: to SFBirds since they have been seeing crossbills up there as well.

I just analyzed the sounds from the Red Crossbills I recorded at Skylawn
Cemetery (top of hwy92) between Half Moon Bay and San Mateo on Jan 11. The
calls appear to match really closely to the Type 3 Red Crossbill. This is
unusual as this form is usually found farther north in the Pacific
Northwest. These forms may or may not be good species. A summary of what is
known can be found here:

Type 3 is the smallest and smallest billed of all North American Red
Crossbills, associating closely with hemlocks and other small coned
conifers. I am not 100% sure of the identification as I extracted the calls
from songs, and perhaps I was mislead by call-like vocalizations within the
song. I will have to record some more to figure out what they are. There was
an invasion of this crossbill type to the Bay Area in the mid 80s.



Alvaro Jaramillo


Half Moon Bay, California

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