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Alvaro Jaramillo


Just a point here, Grinnell was a genius but in this case his speculation
is a little shaky. Snowy Owls and Northern Goshawks do not share the same
home, at all. The owl breeds on tundra, the hawk in various forested
habitats. If there was a situation where the two erupted together, it was
likely a coincidence, or a massive rodent population crash over wide areas
and different habitats. If the latter was the case, all sorts of other
raptors should have moved south. The hawk that would likely move in tandem
with Snowy Owl would be Rough-leg.



Alvaro Jaramillo


Half Moon Bay, California

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would be interestign to know if there are more
snowy owls than usdual in oregon and northern
Nevada and even further north in California
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Joseph Grinnell godfather of California birding
found it interesting
that in 1917 during a Snowy Owl invasion into
California there also
was a Goshawk invasion. He wondered whether
they came from the same
summer home and the lack of food caused their
exodus. I am not sure
that one Goshawk and one Snowy Owl in 2007
makes an invasion but it is


Mark Brown
Santa Maria

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