Strybing Quail

angie geiger

Took a late stroll through Strybing yesterday afternoon, looking for
quail. In the California section, was a lone male and a few feet
away, a very agitated pair high atop some bushes, calling loudly.
They might have been the new parents, although I did not see any
chicks. Then on my way out, on a bench just off the main lawn,
there was another lone male standing guard. He was guarding his
family of 12 almost grown chicks. They are adult size and most of
the way to adult plumage. There are about 4 males and 8 females in
addition to the parent. (The female parent has been missing since
early summer. This clutch originally had 14 chicks, including a

Other birds of note:

Belted Kingfisher (F)
Wilson's Warblers (3)
Juvi Great Blue Heron
Canada Geese numbers increased to 12

Angie Geiger

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