Re: Goose eggs?

Dan Murphy <murphsf@...>

It seems to me there are records from the early 1920's, but none since. I
suspect we will have many more records as the Can goose population increases

Best, Dan wrote:

At Heron's Head, there was a Canada Goose which appeared to be nest-sitting.
During my half hour bay watch, it remained in the same somewhat concealed
spot, warily watching every human who passed by. In '98, C Goose was a big
deal, so I'm wondering if there are any prior nest records? The bird was at
the east end of the tidal ponds, just inside the gravel bar, partially
obscured by grass. It had a slightly upturned beak.
Also, I could see Least Terns in Alameda, but none on our side.

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