Re: Peregrine at 23rd and Capp (still there...)


Greetings to all,

Glenn's post about the peregrine at 23rd and Capp brings me to this message.

Sounds like Glenn and I share the same neighborhood (I live on 21st off Valencia). And, I think the time has come to "go public" about something I've been wondering about for some time. Here goes: There's a large nest (made of branches and twigs) atop the tall Sketchers sign at the corner of Mission and 22nd Streets. I first noticed it last fall and I've been keeping tabs on it since then, hoping to catch a glimpse of the tenants. What birds do you suppose built this nest? Any input would be great.

Glenn Nevill <> wrote:
For anyone interested in a good closeup view of a female peregrine,
the bird I have posted seeing on the church steeple at the above
corner, still is spending time there and has spent the afternoon
perched in the rain. Early morning and evening are the best times for
catching her on the steeple.

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